Sunday, June 7, 2009

Priceless Art?

Josephin you asked about the prices of artpieces at Court Street Collection. I was wondering about the prices too! (Tell me..what can grad students really afford? But I really hope I (we all) can start earning enough money soon to own at least some of those wonderful art pieces in the world..what say? )

Although I don't have the complete price range I know the least and the most expensive pieces in the Court Street Collection.

The jewellery by Billie Sarchet under the Bird Girl label is priced at about $25 (makes me feel better! she also has jewellery on sale sometimes that's even cheaper). The most expensive art piece is the glass art by Bonnie Proudfoot at $ 575. But don't be intimidated, there are many itmes that fall under below $100 category. Both the artists are from around Athens.

Art piece by Bonnie Proudfoot...isn't this gorgeous?

Bead and stone jewellery (Jo.. for you !)

More later..Enjoy the beautiful sunshine!


  1. I was devastatingly moved by your real passion about this blog. Thanks for writing this piece during such a hectic final time period. I think as a grad student, my upper limit to afford a Athenian jewellery is 80 dollar, and surely prices may go up depending on the artifacts. However,nice stuff priced 80 dollar and below are something i will thinking about buying, and prices higher than that are things i will just appreciating and saying :"when i earn enough money, i will..." Haha, sweetie, enjoy the sunshine~

  2. hey Jo...that's very sweet of you. I had the information so I thought I should post it to answer your questions..and yeah I really like writing the blog..You can tell (I am adding posts during crazy finals time)!!

  3. That is so ideal of you, Ash, to write an extra post for Josephine to provide her extra information. :)